ahmet d.
17 - BusinessKonnekt
  (expired project)
BusinessKonnekt, as is evident from it's name, is an international project. Basically it is a business directory which aims the companies all over the world come together. ... more

Eminoglu Machinery
16 - Eminoglu Machinery
Eminoglu Machinery is an Istanbul based firm which produces chocolate machines. Before this year I had a chance to renew their website and catalogue in 2012. And now, in 2016 ... more

Alac Exam Center
15 - ALAC Exam Center Izmir
A.K.A. ALAC, American Language Academy Consultation is a company located in Izmir Alsancak which primarily presents lectures on ielts, toefl, and yds exams, and at the same time. ... more

3 Points Sayaç
14 - 3 Points Sayac
It is an example work of mine from scratch to Adobe Photoshop and then to coding for 3 Points company, Istanbul in 2015 when I was hired by Essente Informatics in Izmit, Kocaeli. ... more

Pleon Wellness
13 - Pleon Wellness Spa
It is an example work of mine from scratch to Adobe Photoshop, and then to coding produced for an Istanbul Wellness Spa company in 2015 when I was hired by Essente Informatics... more

Titiz Park and Floor
12 - Titiz Park and Floor
Titiz Park and Floor is another website of Titiz Kaucuk (Rubber) Istanbul. With this web site, the 3 services of the company are presented together..... more

Zenit 1
11 - How To Use Zenit ET
Howtousezenitet.com,on air for a beta test now, is a micro site aiming to teach how to use Zenit ET, as anyone who knows English can predict, the manual, old, Russian film camera.... more

Sektorel Web Rehber
10 - Sektorel Web Rehber
  (expired project)
It was the year of 2009 when Sektorel Web Rehber was launched for the first time. At those times, it was a business directory based on categories which was also a bit primitive about design and... more

Fayport 1
09 - Fayport Real Estate Valuating
Founded in 2013 by SPK Licensed Real Estate Appraiser Mr. Akin Y. FELEKOGLU, Fayport is a firm which works on real estate valuation... more

titiz kauçuk 1
08 - Titiz Kauçuk
Titiz Kaucuk, is a company founded in Sancaktepe - Istanbul about rubber and rubber flooring. Besides the works of rubber based flooring services, the firm also gives services of... more

elif 1
07 - Elif Öztunalı
Having studied at Fine Arts High School and later graduated from Kocaeli University Department of Photography, Elif Oztunali is a professional photographer. I was asked to prepare a portfolio website for her... more

drycleanlix 1
06 - DryCleanlix
Drycleanlix, is a cleaning company giving services in 4 cleaning branches. The branches to be highlighted were: Dry Cleaning - Ironing - Carpet Cleaning and bed Cleaning... more

eminoglu 1
05 - Eminoglu Makina
Eminoglu Makina produces chocolate machines in Ikitelli Organized Industry area Istanbul. In the summer of 2012 I ,firstly, renewed their product catalogue and then their website... more

suvari shipping 1
04 - Suvari Shipping
  (expired project)
Suvari Shipping, is a shipping agency set up in Izmit and experienced on integrated logistics systems. Whithin the process of creating the webpage I had close contact with the firm owner more

elvan tente 1
03 - Elvan Tente
  (expired project)
Elvan Tente, is a company in Istanbul Sarigazi making the business of awning. According to the needed plan and the budget, I designed a website which is more simple, easier and sutiable for its theme in order to pass its rivals... more

mega 1
02 - Mega Yacht
Mega Yacht is a firm based in Istanbul and makes business of yacht transportation. The first web site of the site was designed by me when the company had just been founded... devamı

mfs 1
01 - MFS Çikolata Kalıp
  (expired project)
MFS Chocolate Moulds, is a precious company which produces chocolate moulds in Ikitelli Organized Industry Area, Istanbul. I needed to built a big and multi-lingual website... more

Language Teaching Jobs
an international job posting website for language teachers
zenit et
How to Use Zenit ET?
a micro web page project about how to use full manual, old, russian camera zenit et